"Sustainability is a fundamental aspect of our corporate mission.  It inspires us to improve the social and economic fabric of the communities we work in."

The term sustainability stands for a balance between economic, social and ecological aspects. In spite of the difficulty of asserting ecological aspects in a world dominated by economics and material values, there are constantly new areas opening up in which economy and ecology go hand-in-hand.

HVB Immobilien AG makes an ongoing and enduring contribution to the cause of sustainability through its property and facility management.

For the past nearly 10 years we have drawn up a carbon footprint for the bank’s own buildings, based on which optimisation measures are developed specifically for each building. This means that the buildings are retrofitted and managed in accordance with predefined sustainability criteria. We also constantly pursue individual projects and topics to optimise our building management services and products in this field.

The outstanding result of our efforts: the energy supply to all of the bank’s buildings has been 100% CO2-neutral since 2010.