UniCredit tower in Munich: second phase of the green building project due for completion

    The plans to transform the UniCredit tower at Arabellapark in Munich into a "green building" have reached a decisive phase. After examining a number of variants for a technological upgrade of the facade, the planners will now consider only those solutions that do not entail any changes to the building´s exterior appearance. "Alongside HENN Architekten, who have been tasked with planning and construction management, we are delighted at having been able to engage as consultants the Munich-based architectural firm Betz, who drafted the original plans for this eye-catching building back in 1978/81," said Peter Weidenhöfer, a member of the Management Board of HVB Immobilien AG.

    Detailed planning is being carried out in close and very positive cooperation with the monument preservation authorities. "Given the building´s significance for the Munich skyline, we are fully aware of its value as an architectural monument and of the responsibility that places on us," said Peter Weidenhöfer. "We will make every effort to ensure that the interior and exterior work carried out is of high quality." The aim of the project is to create a high-quality working environment that achieves an even balance between efficiency, economy, monument protection and sustainability. As far as sustainability is concerned, the focus of the refurbishment will fall on enhancing the building´s energy efficiency and reducing its CO2 emissions.

    At the same time, the office spaces will be redesigned to meet the requirements of modern communication technology and to ensure more economical utilisation.

    At present, plans are being drawn up to obtain official approval for the project. From the end of 2012, all the employees currently working in the tower will be temporarily relocated to other buildings of the Bank in Munich for the duration of the project; some groups of employees have already vacated the building.

    The complex will be entirely refurbished in two phases by 2018, with completion of the so-called "tower floors", i.e. those located in the actual tower building, being planned for 2015. As from 2015, renovation work will begin on the facade of the so-called low-rise building, which today houses the securities trading unit, a conference area and the staff canteen. The cost of the renovation work has been put at around €200 million.

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