Range of Services

HVB Immobilien AG’s broad range of services encompasses the following lines of business:

Corporate Real Estate Management
As the owner, general tenant or general landlord of all of the bank’s properties, HVB Immobilien AG is also responsible for the property management of these properties and controls all of the service providers.

Property management
Beyond the commercial, technical and infrastructure-related optimisation of the existing inventory, property management also includes relations with external partners. The main focus lies on ensuring satisfaction for our tenants and the quality of the buildings, both of which are prerequisites for long-term customer relations and thus economic success. 

Property rentals and marketing
Regionally based marketing teams are constantly working to attract new tenants. Good collaboration with estate agents and other multipliers, plenty of experience, and many years of in-depth knowledge of the market ensure their enduring effectiveness and success. Marketing specialists provide creative marketing and advertising concepts to assist the sales staff in their work.

Portfolio management and sales
The Portfolio Management department optimises the property portfolio in terms of risk and return on investment. An elaborate controlling and reporting system constantly provides information about the profitability of the properties and their management.

Property development
The specialists in this department are responsible for developing and planning properties and real estate, obtaining and optimising planning permissions, and marketing properties using professional utilisation concepts, based among other things on bespoke financing concepts such as public-private partnership models.